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Mark your calendar: Candidating Week at UCV April 23-30

Candidating Week at UCV: April 23 to 30

This is an opportunity for everyone to meet our Candidate for Settled Ministry, and to have conversations in various contexts. Guided by our Covenant, please enjoy and engage with each other and Rev. Shawn, exercising curiousity, active listening, and the expression of concerns, hopes and dreams! Some events are online and some events are live on campus to maximize accessibility. We invite you all to be a part of these important conversations about our future, and to do so with open hearts and minds. This is our time, UCV, so let’s come together and celebrate, share, and commune as the multi-faceted and deeply committed community that we are.

What are we voting on come April 30?

During candidating week, members are voting on:

  • what is best for the whole congregation
  • They are not voting on:
    • whether individuals think they would have chosen the candidate who was identified by the search committee on their own, given what they know about the congregation;
    • whether individuals think, based on two sermons, every sermon the candidate preaches will or will not speak perfectly to the hearts and minds of every single member every single time;
    • whether there might be a better match out there somewhere;
    • whether the candidate is the perfect minister. Ministers come with different skills in worship arts, pastoral care, administrative/organizational work, and social witness presence. No minister will have a high level of skill or interest in ALL of those elements of the ministry. The shared ministry of the congregation will and should shift with the skills and interests of the new minister;
    • what is best for a particular individual within the congregation.