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WDWCO: What Do We Call Ourselves

Next steps for WDWCO


During the past few years, guided by the What Do We Call Ourselves Task Force, UCV has had forum discussions, weekly and monthly bulletin articles, a survey and online chats about whether we should or should not remove “Church ” from our legal name. The time is approaching to vote.

The Final Vote

The final vote will be between the most popular alternative name: Vancouver Unitarians and our existing name, the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. A minimum vote of 75% in favour of the alternative name is required to change our legal name.

Our current bylaws require this vote to be in person, online through Zoom, or by proxy during the AGM on November 19th. Proxy voting needs to be arranged in advance and cannot be done online. Click here for info on participating in the AGM

Depending on the decision of the BC Societies Registrar, we might have to add the word “Society” to the alternative name should it be favoured . This word would not need to be included in any of our publicity or signage, only in legal contracts.

29 October – WDWCO Forum

Alternate name poll – Voting has ended

Click here to read more about the ranked poll vote to choose an alternate name.

1 October, 2023 Forum:

The Alternate Name Poll – Concluded


If we voted to eliminate “Church” from our legal name, what name would you choose?


The names that have been the most often suggested during the past few years are:

  • Unitarian Centre of Vancouver
  • Unitarian Community of Vancouver
  • Unitarian Congregation of Vancouver
  • Unitarian Spiritual Centre of Vancouver
  • Vancouver Unitarians

The poll from October 15 to 25 is not a vote for changing our existing name, “Unitarian Church of Vancouver.” Even if your final vote is to keep our existing name as our legal name, it is important that you participate in the poll to choose your preferred alternative name. Then, for the final vote you may endorse to keep “Unitarian Church of Vancouver” if that is your preference.

Task Force members

Eva Allan (chair), Karen Bartlett, Paul Prescod, John Smith.