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Membership Outreach Coordinator - he/him

Derrick O’Keefe

Derrick is a writer, editor, organizer, and lifelong social justice advocate. He has played a leading role in peace and social justice movements both locally and at the national level.

Derrick also has an extensive background in communications and publishing.

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He was a founder of an early online magazine named Seven Oaks, a nod to the rebellious history of the Métis Nation in the Red River territory. (He is a descendant of the original inhabitants of Seven Oaks House in Winnipeg, now a museum showcasing Métis history.) He is also a co-founder of Ricochet Media, a bilingual progressive publication that has grown into an award-winning outlet featuring investigative journalism and original reporting from across Canada. As well as editing and writing for a number of outlets, Derrick has written two books: "Michael Ignatieff: The Lesser Evil?" and "A Woman Among Warlords," co-written with former Afghan parliamentarian and women's rights advocate Malalai Joya.