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Board Report from UCV President Mairy Beam

The Board was very impressed with Shawn during our meetings with him. It seems that you were too, given the unanimous vote to call him as our settled minister. We greatly look forward to his start 1 August.
I hope that you will all attend the EGM on June 11. The Board is supporting the budget despite the significant deficit as we believe that it is important to fully support our staff and programs in this coming year, the first of Shawn’s ministry, to allow for a time of potential growth. The Treasurer and Finance Committee is planning an evening meeting prior to the EGM where your questions about the budget can be answered.
Thanks to all of those (19!) who attend the Board forum on Membership and Bylaw Changes. It was a lively discussion. You can see the impact in the latest revision of the proposed bylaw changes included in the agenda for the EGM.
If you haven’t pledged or if you have the capacity to increase your pledge, please consider doing so this month. 
Please also consider uploading your photo to Breeze so that our new minister can get to know us more easily.  While you’re at it, consider adding your birth year. This will help us to understand the make-up of our congregation and to better plan for the future.
June 18 is Rev. Lara’s last Sunday with us. We wish her all the best on whatever path she chooses to take next.
Heartfelt thanks to the staff and volunteers who have worked so hard in May with canvass, budgeting, candidating week, etc.