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Buy your Greeting cards and raise money for the Refugee Fund

6 different greeting cards as a bundle – delivered to your door

The Vancouver Unitarian Refugee Team has recently had an increase in urgent appeals from families and friends of refugees caught in perilous circumstances around the world. The sale of these greeting cards is to support the work of the Refugee Team to bring at least some of these refugees to the Lower Mainland to begin new lives out of danger, where they can find work and their children can go to school.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the cards will go to the Refugee Fund.

These all-season cards, which show details of the plumage of six different bird species, would be useful for your personal correspondence or would make the perfect present for someone who appreciates the beauty that can be found in nature.

Please click below for more details and thank you for your support.

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HomeStart Foundation – Outreach Opportunities Fund Recipient

Our OOF recipient for the months March 2023-June 2023 is the HomeStart Foundation that furnishes homes to help families in need rebuild their lives.

The Refugee Team suggested HomeStart as an OOF recipient. A few months ago, George from the Refugee team, visited the HomeStart warehouse and selected furniture for our recent Burundian refugee. This included dressers, shelving, kitchen table+chairs, end tables, lamps, sofa, and armchairs – a complete apartment excluding beds which we are required to supply new. Homestart delivered all of this to the apartment on the same day at no cost to us. This saved the refugee team hundreds of dollars and much time, eliminating a major worry!

Homestart could also benefit the UCV congregation by providing our members with an economical means for down-sizers to donate unwanted furniture. Homestart charges donors a reasonable $75 to have 2 people come to a location in their serving area and pickup donated items which are taken to their warehouse for re-distribution to those in need. They accept pre-arranged drop-offs at no charge to donors. Refugee team members are often approached by UCV members who offer donations of furniture which we can’t accept.

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