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Reminder: We’re looking for Board members!

With the start of a new ministry with Rev. Shawn Gautier this is an auspicious time in our history and in the governance of our community.

The opportunity to serve on the board of directors at such a moment is a special privilege and a special responsibility. With other directors, with Shawn and with our staff we have exceedingly capable people with whom you will be working.

It will take your time and it will take your energy. But what an opportunity to be part of  history in forging this next chapter in the life of the Unitarian community in Vancouver. 

Consider it. Urge your friends in the membership to consider it. The work will be rewarding and there will be the mirth and merriment of working with splendid people.

Please do contact Michael Clague, Nominations committee (mclague[at]telus[dot]net) or Mairy Beam, our President (mairyelesbeam[at]gmail[dot]com). 

Board Secretary: About the role 

This is a one year, senior leadership position in the Church, responsible for maintaining the well-ordered business of the board of directors as a member of the executive committee, in collaboration with the President and Treasurer.

* Works with the President in preparing the agendas for meetings: board, executive, extraordinary and annual general meetings.

* Sends notifications of meetings

* Accurately records, maintains, and distributes in a timely manner the records of meetings

* Handles correspondence related to board business

* Ensures that there is active communications between members and directors regarding the business of the board

Support to the position is provided by CACV administration in the distribution of information: notices, minutes etc.

This is an opportunity to learn and to contribute to the work of the board and of the organization. Previous experience is an asset. Specific qualifications include:

  1. Good communication, organizational and writing skills
  2. Familiarity with One Drive and the UCV Website
  3. Experience working on committees
  4. Ability to explain to a general audience UCV documents and materials.

Bonus: Lynn Armstrong, current secretary is offering to orient the incoming person.

For a position description and further information contact:

UCV Nominations Committee: David Valentine, Frank Tester, and Michael Clague. 

Email: mclague[at]telus[dot]net

Deadline: Candidates must have been members at least 6 months before the November AGM. Committee finalizes its report 35 days before AGM.