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September Report from the UCV Board

The summer is pretty much over, and UCV is coming back to full life. There is much to look forward to this fall – not the least is getting to know our new settled minister, Shawn. One vision shared by the Board and Shawn is that we once again become a predominantly member driven congregation.…

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Volunteer and Engagement Fair

Coffee Hour in Hewett Hall on Sunday, Sept. 17th will include a special event for members and friends of UCV to learn about the many opportunities for volunteering  and engagement with some of the key committees that keep us thriving. This event is just the first part of a new series of seasonal opportunities to showcase volunteer…

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Summer volunteers needed

The Vancouver Unitarians are sustained by the generosity and care of our membership. Our community is also sustained by the dedication of volunteers. Whatever you are able to give, your contributions to this community are valued. Here are a couple of great opportunities to contribute to UCV: Kiersten and Olivia take vacation time in…

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