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The process has begun to update our systems with an acronym that reflects our name: Vancouver Unitarians –

Our website and email addresses have switched to The previous address ( will continue to work for links, website and email addresses, so nothing will be lost as people update over time.

  • Example: if you used to go to to get to the live stream, you can now go to and it takes you to the same place
  • links with the old domain still work, but eventually it will be phased out so it’s a good idea to update your bookmarks, favourites and address book
  • all the shortlinks have been replaced
  • all the previous email addresses will continue to work for at least a year will become quite visible as our main domain in our messages and signage and we aim to update things as quickly as possible so that we can settle into our new long-term domain.

If you have any questions, please check in with the office or get in touch with the form below:

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    Beware of Fake Emails

    We have been seeing an increase in scam emails in recent days. These emails are coming from email addresses that look very similar to members addresses and are being sent as personalized email. They are describing specific situations that are meant to tug at your heartstrings while often giving a reason why they cannot speak on the phone.

    These scammers are very good at what they do. Please DO NOT buy giftcards, send money or anything of this nature to anyone who is emailing you and asking for it. No one associated with Vancouver Unitarians will ask you to do anything like this. It is good practice as a general rule to apply this to all your interactions.

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    Welcome to the new UCV website

    This morning we launched the newest version of the Vancouver Unitarians website. Starting with a ‘less is more’ approach with spacious and clean design that works well on mobile, tablet and desktop.

    We plan to prioritise keeping the calendar and news feeds fully up-to-date so you always know what’s going on and how, when and where to participate.

    Please also have a look around and let us know what you think. We hope you like it and it serves the community well.

    More information on the nuts and bolts of the new site can be found here

    UCV Staff

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