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The process has begun to update our systems with an acronym that reflects our name: Vancouver Unitarians –

Our website and email addresses have switched to The previous address ( will continue to work for links, website and email addresses, so nothing will be lost as people update over time.

  • Example: if you used to go to to get to the live stream, you can now go to and it takes you to the same place
  • links with the old domain still work, but eventually it will be phased out so it’s a good idea to update your bookmarks, favourites and address book
  • all the shortlinks have been replaced
  • all the previous email addresses will continue to work for at least a year will become quite visible as our main domain in our messages and signage and we aim to update things as quickly as possible so that we can settle into our new long-term domain.

If you have any questions, please check in with the office or get in touch with the form below: