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Qi Gong on Sundays is back

Our inaugural course of six Qi Gong classes ended last November. See some of the members in graduating class photo below!.Now a new Spring term of 10 classes, beginning Jan. 28th, is open for registration. Priority is given for returning members. Please register by emailing Mei Jia Lam (meijialam[at]gmail[dot]com).

Qi Gong: Sundays 9:15- 10:15 am. Instructor: Hing Tse.

Mindfulness: Sundays 10:15-10:30 am. Instructor: Florence Chan.

Cost: voluntary donation, $5 per class. $45 for all 10 classes.

We’re happy to receive feedback! Looking forward to seeing you for the spring term! – Mei Jia Lam (More info)