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Vancouver Unitarians vote to move their money for Climate Justice 

Members vote to divest from Canada’s Big 5 Banks over fossil fuel financing

As a co-operative and democratic community, Vancouver Unitarian members voted by a large majority at our Annual General Meeting last weekend to encourage our members, who bank at the five major Canadian banks, to move their financial business elsewhere because Canadian banks are among the largest financiers of fossil fuel corporations operating in the Canadian Tar Sands and elsewhere.

Vancouver Unitarians are an inclusive and welcoming community, dedicated to spiritual growth, social justice, and reverence for nature and all life. We embody these values through worship, ethical action, artistic expression, and religious education for all ages that aim to connect hearts, heads, and hands.

Vancouver Unitarians have a long history of multifaith environmental and climate justice initiatives, and we encourage all members of faith communities and organizations to divest from fossil fuel corporations and the financial institutions backing them.