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Related Reading for Sunday, June 23

Our library in Hewett Centre is open every Sunday after service during Coffee Hour, and now the Library Team will be offering related reading lists based on the topic of Sunday service. Here is their list for the upcoming June 23 service.

VanU library books related to this Sunday’s sermon:

1. Essays By Ralph Waldo Emerson: First Series, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 814.3 EME [From the Julian Fears Library. The American essayist, philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, in the early nineteenth century, said that his primary principle was “the infinitude of the private man”, and advised us to “make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” Also, he argued that rather than just relying on received wisdom, we should use our direct everyday life experience for genuine creativity. His First Series has the following 12 essays: History, Self-Reliance, Compensation, Spiritual Laws, Love, Friendship, Prudence, Heroism, The Over-Soul, Circles, Intellect and Art, with the one on Self-Reliance being particularly related to this sermon].

2. In Defense of Troublemakers: The Power of Dissent in Life and Business, by Charlan Jeanne Nemeth, 2018, 302 NEM [This book argues our decision by consensus that consensus is good, is wrong, with unchallenged majority opinions often being biased, unoriginal, or false. This leads planes and markets to crash, causes juries to convict innocent people, and can quite literally make people think blue is green. Dissent forces us to question the status quo, consider more information, and engage in creative decision-making, with this helping us to make better decisions].

3. Dear Life, by Alice Munro, 2013, FIC MUN [In story after story in this brilliant new collection, the author pinpoints the moment a person is forever altered by a chance encounter, an action not taken, or a simple twist of fate, with most set in her signature territory around Lake Huron, but some strike even closer to home: an astonishing suite of four autobiographical tales that offer an unprecedented glimpse into Munro’s own childhood].

4. You Already Know What to Do: 10 Invitations to the Intuitive Life, by Sharon Franquemont, 2000, 153.4 FRA [This explains how to develop and nurture one’s natural intuitive powers in order to deepen relationships, improve collaboration, and make the most of every situation].

(Image credit: Kimberley Farmer / Unsplash)