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5 to 9 years—Children’s Group

11:15 am—12:15 pm in Lindsey-Priestly room

Children’s Group begins in the Sanctuary for worship and leaves together after the Wisdom Story. This is a place to build friendships and self-identity in an actively anti-oppressive setting. We use play and art to build community, trust, and a beginning understanding of evolving Unitarian Universalist values of justice, equity, pluralism, interdependence, generosity and love.

2023-24 Theme: Cosmology: Celebrating Our Origins in the Universe

“We all evolved from the dust of exploded stars!” Our understanding of Cosmology is our Creation Story of the 21st century. This class is the product of putting two Unitarians, one a cosmologist (and UU minister) and the other an early childhood educator, together. Our primary elementary school age children will explore together the origins of the Universe, the Earth, and human beings on the Earth. Each week we will learn about different aspects of cosmology and evolution. We will be actively engaged in exploration and discovery even planning our own experiments!

Registration is for the safety and accountability of our staff and volunteers to your children. It helps us provide proper ratios, support, and age appropriate programming. Thank you!

Exploring the scope of the Universe, time, and the evolution of life taps in to children’s curiosity, wonder, and awe–key foundations of a Unitarian Universalist spirituality and theology. That wonder and awe is also foundational to imagination, compassion, and empathy that fosters a sense of justice and responsibility as we grow. What fun to be exploring on a weekend morning!