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Children have a place in everything we do, welcome!

The prayground is the area at the very front of the sanctuary on the right-hand side ready to quietly play during worship. This zone is designed for those who don’t like sitting in a chair for an hour and are not ready or willing to join a program. The pray ground allows parents and children to be present in worship together; this is where we build trust and belonging. 

Registration is for the safety and accountability of our staff and volunteers to your children. It helps us provide proper ratios, support, and age appropriate programming. Thank you!

The Prayground up front fosters Belonging
  • We Welcome Wiggles
  • We believe children’s whole selves belong in sacred spaces 
  • Kids learn worship by being present 
  • Smiles Build Community and Compassion 
  • kids can engage at the heart of the action: so the Prayground is up front 
  • We are all role models—greet questions with gentle whispers 
  • The Prayground is for stretching out, movement, and hand busy activities 
  • Please feel free to come and go with a child as needed 
  • The service is livestreamed to a screen in Hewett Hall with a playroom open for use as desired 
  • Nursing parents are welcome everywhere—there is a comfy chair in the Hewett playroom if you want more privacy

We are here to support your journey and family prescence. Regular modeling being together builds relationship and trust. We hope you find enjoyment and sanctuary here.

Visit us anytime – register here to be kept in the loop