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diverse group of children posing in front of a sycamore tree in the summer

Magical Mayhem Camp: live-action-role-play, social justice, theatre camp for children ages 7-12

A three part series of retreats and workshops exploring our own theology within, among and beyond

Sharing wisdom across ages. One-on-one, Coming of Age, Mystery Pals, and more.

Hiking group meets the last Saturday of every month.

close up on plates of food, hands of people eating.

Embracing multigenerational fun and cultural connections.

Ages 5-7 and 9-11 Respect, Responsibility, & Relationship. Peer learning and parent support in being effective as their child’s most important sexuality educator.

Marking the passing of the seasons with special ceremonies and social events.

Ages 12-14 and 16-18 Caring, Compassion, Respect, & Justice. Helping adolescents address their attitudes, values, and feelings about themselves, their identity and sexuality and others’.

Learning is ongoing and sexuality is a part of our lives from birth until death. Presenting sexuality as a good, creative force with enormous potential to enrich as well as to generate life.

UU Wellspring Sources is a unique 10-month small group program offered in a multi-platform setting.

Paganism 101 is an experiential curriculum with a UU lens that will enable participants to conduct Pagan rituals on their own as independent practitioners.

A discussion group for straightforward and open dialogue about death.