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UU Wellspring-spiritual deepening

“What will you do with this one wild and precious life?” asks the poet Mary Oliver.

UU Wellspring is a variety of distinctly Unitarian Universalist programs for spiritual development designed to help participants answer that provocative question.  

Begun in 2005, the program celebrates the depth and breadth of our rich religious tradition. Over the years, UU Wellspring has expanded and now offers five years of programming as well as short courses focused on one topic. 

UU Wellspring offers participants an opportunity for  spiritual deepening that leads to more joyful living, increased leadership confidence, and faithful justice making in all aspects of life.

Courses follow these five essential components:

  • Small group connections   
  • Daily spiritual practices   
  • Spiritual direction
  • Deeper knowledge of UU history and theology
  • Putting UU faith into action

Fall 2023 Offerings

UU Wellspring: Spiritual Practices

Retreat: September 30, Saturday, 1-5 pm, Fireside Room

2nd and 4th Tuesdays, October 10th through June 25th, 7-9 pm, alternating Fireside Room and Online per participant determination (not multi-platform). Note: the December meetings are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.

Wellspring is a small group cohort that delves into aspects of Unitarian Universalism, how we live in the world and put our faith into action. This year the focus is on spiritual practices, our own and others’, and our experiences with them. We will learn about the origins of different kinds of practices, and how they relate to our U*U faith. 

Spiritual practices help us tap into deep wells of knowledge beyond our own personal experience or rational understanding. They sustain us in times of great pain, difficulty, or suffering, building spiritual resilience to sustain our work in the world. 

Spiritual Practices is one of the advanced offerings from UU Wellspring, led by Kiersten Moore and Nan Gregory, participation in a previous Wellspring group is a prerequisite.

UU Wellspring Reads: Crises of Life 

6 sessions online, bi-weekly on Mondays, Oct 2-Dec 11, led by Martha Saunders

Crises of Life explores how the wisdom and understanding of our chosen faith supports us during the challenges and crises of life. It is based on the book, Take What You Need: Life Lessons After Losing Everything by Rev. Jen Crow. and essays in The Book of Delights by Ross Gay, African American poet, educator and dedicated community gardener. 

The course combines Rev. Crow’s wisdom with Ross Gay’s poetry and life experiences to understand that even in oppressive situations beauty and delight offer us unparalleled joy.

no prerequisites