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Youth Group

Youth Group is always working on a different project, always a fun time. Sundays 1-3 p.m., for high school students (13-18 year-old).

Our teens are a diverse and accepting group. They choose all their own projects, which range from social justice to D&D campaigns. Right now their focus is redesigning their space (Hitschmanova). Adults (called Youth Advisors) attend meetings as well. These adults have completed a training and submitted a police background check. They’re not here to boss you around – they help, advise, and act as a sounding board for youth ideas. They are also the funnest adults UCV has to offer.

And here’s a secret: attending youth group is also how you get to go to cons and sleepovers.

Registration is for the safety and accountability of our staff and volunteers. It helps us provide proper ratios, support, and age appropriate programming for your programming. Thank you!